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7th European Congress on Tropical Medicine & International Health
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Soil-transmitted helminthiasis


Piero Olliaro, World Health Organization, Switzerland
Marco Albonico, Fondazione Ivo de Carneri, Torino, Italy


Overview of Soil transmitted Helminths/Strongyloidiasis
Eduardo Gotuzzo, Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt, Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia, Peru

Obstacles in the management of soil transmitted helminthes: development of a comprehensive platform for the evaluation of new strategies
Alejandro Krolewiecki, Institute of tropical Disease Research, National University of Salta, Argentina

New developments with anthelminthic drugs
Piero Olliaro, World Health Organization, Switzerland

Oral communications:

  • T1.3 P6-01
    Multiplex real-time PCR demonstrates focal distribution of strongyloides stercoralis in different endemic countries
    Lisette van Lieshout, Eric Brienen, Juventus Ziem, Felisberto Mendes, Washington Benítez, Maria Kaisar, Marco Canales, Charles E. Ramarokoto, Jen Downs, Katja Polman, Jaco J. Verweij

  • T1.3 P6-02
    Real-time PCR as a molecular approach to the diagnostic of strongyloides infections in humans
    J. M. Saugar, S. Ortega, P. Fernandez-Soto, M. Subirats, T. Garate, E. Rodríguez

  • T1.3 P6-03
    Framework outlining the role of gender in relation to infection and morbidity caused by the soiltransmitted helminths (STHs)
    Theresa W. Gyorkos, Brittany Blouin, Eva Rathgeber

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