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7th European Congress on Tropical Medicine & International Health
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Human trypanosomiasis


Faustino Torrico, University of San Simon, Bolivia
Joaquim Gascón, Barcelona Centre for International Health Research (Hospital Clínic - University of Barcelona), Spain


Advances and Challenges in the control of Chagas disease
Chris Schofield, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Rationale and desing of a proof-of-concept Phase II clinical study of E1224, a new drug candidate for chronic Chagas disease
Faustino Torrico, University of San Simon, Bolivia

African trypanosomiasis: current burden of disease and geographical distribution
Pere Simarro, World Health Organization, Switzerland

African trypanosomiasis: neurological aspects
Marina Bentivoglio, University of Verona, Italy

Oral communications:

  • T1.3 P8-01
    A Multicenter, open label, phase III study of therapeutic use of the co-administration of nifurtimox and eflornithine (NECT) for Human African Trypanosomiasis (NECT FIELD): safety profile in children during initial hospitalization
    Olaf Valverde Mordt, Caecilia Schmid, Victor Kande, Wilfried Mutombo, Médard Ilunga, Ismael Lumpungu, Sylvain Mutanda, Digas Tete, Pathou Nganzobo, Nono Mubwa, Mays Kisala, Johannes Blum, Séverinne Blésson, Nathalie Strub Wourgaft

  • T1.3 P8-02
    Effectiveness of short vs. long treatment schedules with pentamidine in first-stage HAT, a large field cohort study
    Sophie Bastide, Gerardo Priotto, René Ecochard, Jean-François Etard

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