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7th European Congress on Tropical Medicine & International Health
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Oral communications on vector borne diseases


Lyle Petersen, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (NCEZID), US

  • T1.4 P1-01
    Coxiella burnetii carriage by ticks collected from Socotra cormorants in the Arabian Gulf
    Agnes Sonnevend, Norbert Nowotny, Jolanta Kolodziejek, Brigitte Howarth, Tibor Pal

  • T1.4 P1-03
    Microbiological diagnosis of chikungunya virus in Spain (2006-2010)
    Maria Paz Sánchez-Seco, Leticia Franco, Fernando De Ory, Mikel J. Martinez, Ana Isabel Negredo, Ana Vazquez, Sabino Puente, Teodora Minguito, Lourdes Hernández, Francisca Molero, Laura Herrero, María Dolores de la Cruz, Antonio Tenorio

  • T1.4 P1-04
    Epidemiology, molecular epidemiology and surveillance of dengue viruses in the South Pacific region
    Van-Mai Cao-Lormeau, Maite Aubry, Myrielle DuponT-Rouzeyrol, Claudine Roche, Olivia O’Connor, Suzanne Chanteau, John Aaskov

  • T1.4 P1-05
    Clinical profile pre-hospitalization of severe dengue fever: a household case-control study
    Gerusa Gibson, Reinaldo Santos, Nildmar Honório, Oswaldo Cruz, Antônio Pacheco, Patrícia Brasil, Marilia Carvalho, Claire Kubelka

  • T1.4 P1-06
    Persistence of yellow fever vaccine RNA in urine
    Miguel J. Martínez, Anna Vilella, Tomás Pumarola, Montserrat Roldan, Victor G. Sequera, Isabel Vera, Edward B. Hayes

  • T1.4 P1-07
    A description of the evolution of clinical features in 1916 dengue-infected patients across 4 Southeast Asian and 3 Latin American countries: are particular syndromes identifiable?
    Thomas Jaenisch

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Vector borne diseases
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