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7th European Congress on Tropical Medicine & International Health
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Aguado, Teresa
World Health organization, Switzerland


Dr Teresa Aguado is Coordinator of vaccine product research and development within the World Health Organization (WHO) Initiative for Vaccine Research. Specific areas, projects and activities under her responsibility include vaccines against diarrhoeal diseases - with particular emphasis at present on cholera and typhoid, the Meningitis Vaccine and the Measles Aerosol Projects, human papillomavirus vaccines, and the application of new technologies to improve vaccine delivery and immunization. She is also responsible for coordinating activities relating to immunization and ageing.In 1988, Dr Aguado joined WHO to manage, in conjunction with an experts´ committee, activities related to improving vaccine formulation and efficacy, and simplifying vaccine delivery. From 1999 to 2001, Dr Aguado was in charge of the Vaccine Development Team in the WHO Department of Vaccines and Biologicals. As this team grew in importance and visibility, she assisted with the development of, and ensured the transition to, the present structure, namely the Initiative for Vaccine Research, which currently undertakes all vaccine research and development activities in WHO, including on tropical diseases and AIDS.During the same period, she served as the Secretary for the GAVI Alliance Research and Development Task Force, which eventually led to the establishment of the pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines´ Accelerated Development and Introduction Plans.A biologist, pharmacist and immunologist, Dr Aguado conducted basic research on auto-immune diseases and immunological tolerance for over eleven years at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and in the United States at both the University of Washington in Seattle and the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in San Diego, California. In 1995, she spent study leave at Aventis Pasteur in Toronto, Canada and in Lyon, France. She has taught immunology and vaccinology, including for a brief period as Assistant Professor at the University of Geneva and has provided advice in various forums.Her expertise in immunology and biotechnology, combined with her recent work experience, has contributed significantly to the establishment of public/private partnerships for various vaccines and different aspects of their development. To this end, she has applied innovative thinking to devising strategies for vaccine research and development that could benefit and accelerate their availability in the developing world.Dr Aguado holds Bachelor of Science and Master´s degrees in both Biology and Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona, Spain. She received her Ph.D. in Immunology from this same university in 1982.A Spanish national born in Barcelona in 1952, Dr Aguado speaks Spanish, English, French and Catalan and has two children.